Assistance League of Indianapolis (ALI) recently hired me to create a video that highlights their major philanthropic focuses. ALI’s mission to serve disadvantaged men, women and children of Indianapolis is both beautiful and simple. Through the filming process, I was given the chance to interact with those very people, loving on them, building them up and bringing dignity where much had been lost. The women of ALI were a pleasure to work with and ultimately helped me deliver an impactful production.

In the first section of the video, there are quite a number of clips that will look different than the rest of the video. These were clips shots by a previous production company with whom ALI worked to produce a separate video. To avoid a great deal of re-work, I utilized many of those clips for my video, but added to them with all of the filming that was done for the following 3 sections. All film work was done on the Canon 1DX Mark II. Please reach out if you’re interested in a similar video! I’m certain we can develop a video concept that will exemplify the mission of your organization to the world! Vision the “portfolio” tab to watch this video!