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What Have We Been Making Lately?

Our current portfolio includes company vision videos, YouTube reviews and tutorials, and corporate announcements, soon to branch into music videos. Visit the “Taylor Moore 4K” YouTube page for examples beyond those provided below.

The Gallery

Vision and Mission Statement

Assistance League of Indianapolis hired us to create a beautiful video to exemplify the people they touch and their mission. Portions of the first section were filmed by another media house. 90% of the filming and all editing were done by us.

Technology Product Review

One of my latest comparisons between Moment and Sandmarc Lenses for the iPhone, both of which can be use to take your mobile photo and video game up a notch!

Corporate Announcement

A short vision-casting video produced for PacMoore. Videos like this can created in a fairly short period of time at a cost your small business can afford.

Vlog-Style Video Content

Vlog content is incredily popular right now with younger audiences. This example shows what informational, but youthful production could look like for your next project.

Youtube-Style Tutorial

Flying drones is intricate business! This video gives pilots key information about flying a drone before making their purchase. The intro also gives an idea of what cinematic product filming could look like.

Technology Product Review

My most-viewed video to date aroudn the Galaxy Note 9. All video was shot within a 5 hour time period and then compiled in Final Cut to create the motion effects. 

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